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Current International Projects

Health System Strengthening in Post-Conflict Iraq

Click for more pictures! For this project, our purpose is to help protect human health, promote development, and ensure stability in the event of a conflict in Iraq by supporting efforts to strengthen the overall health system and ensure the rapid normalization of specific health services.

The results will include:
  • Assessment of health care provider payroll
  • Assessment of health system capacity
  • Program to recruit trained Iraqi health staff living outside Iraq
  • Medical and surgical care available for most critical cases in 1 referral hospital in each of 21 cities
  • Approved assessments and work plans throughout
  • Quality and completion of work by all subs and grantees; monitor financial payments to assure accountability
HSE's initial role is to assess the capacity of 27 Iraqi hospitals in 21 cities. A second objective is to assess the capacity of 1,000 clinics country-wide.

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