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Health Services Engineering provides a client with an advantage over its competitors. By modeling both the complexity and dynamic nature of a regional health care delivery process, the client gains significant insight into the relationships among patient demographics, provider practice patterns, and fixed capacity. These relationships are important because they drive regional differences in cost and quality. With improved insight into the relationship between cost and quality, the client can respond quickly to changes driven by a competitive health care market. These insights provide the client with the ability to reduce costs, to increase control and accountability, and to increase their flexibility in managing networks.

  • Cost Reduction results from insights gained through quantitative analyses of the link between clinical practice decisions and the requirement for staff and facilities. At the zip code level, such analyses improve a client's ability to determine the number of providers required for a network and the appropriate number of inpatient days required in a provider contract.
  • Increased Control and Accountability of a region's managed care contracts. We can provide benchmarks for determining appropriateness of present contract cost structures and enhance the ability to hold individuals accountable for their cost and quality performance.
  • Increased Flexibility to respond to regional changes, both in the present and in the future. A client can stay ahead of the competition by quickly adapting to changes in demographics, practice patterns, and competitor's initiatives in a region.

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