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Founded in 1994, Health Services Engineering Inc. (HSE) has grown to become a very diverse company, with a staff representative of many different cultural backgrounds. Languages spoken by our staff include Chinese, Arabic, Urdu/Hindi, Spanish, French and Japanese. HSE specializes in the development of sophisticated decision support tools to improve the delivery of inpatient and outpatient health care services. The objective is to improve system performance in meeting cost, quality and access goals. Achieving these objectives depends on active management of the patient care process. HSE's decision support tools empower local physician, nurse, and administrative managers to better understand the relationship among patient volume, clinical practice, facility size, and physician/support staffing in driving cost, quality and access performance. Specifically, the decision support tools assist in the areas of strategic planning, information system integration and alignment, process and productivity improvement, identification of performance measures, development of leadership systems, and overall assessment and evaluation of a health delivery system's capability to provide patient care services.

The delivery of health care services is an extremely complex and dynamic decision process. Therefore, each region or hospital can be expected to have unique factors that influence the cost and quality of health care services. Analytically, we must understand the relationship among complex processes in order to construct a set of valid tools to help the client improve performance. Specially, we must explore the expected demand for health care services from specific beneficiary populations, the variation in provider clinical practice patterns and the volume of capacity resources (i.e., facility size and staffing) required to meet patient and provider expectations. These analyses are the foundation for the construction of valid decision support tools.

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