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Our Solution, Phase 2:
Modeling the Future - Simulation Modeling

The simulation models we have developed are a significant improvement over more traditional methods of "engineering" capacity. Because traditional analyses use only historical data, they are not helpful in managing the risk of uncertainty due to future events. Managing with historical data is similar to driving a car while restricted to looking through the rear view mirror. While rear view vision is better than no vision at all, it is pretty risky when future events are uncertain.

We solve the problem of managing uncertainty by building a simulation model of the client's inpatient obstetrical, NICU or outpatient clinic unit. By linking changes in patient volume, clinical and administrative practices, facility size and staffing policies, the model permits the client to ask numerous "what if" questions. The bed or room requirement and staffing implications of changes in model parameters can be determined prospectively, prior to implementation of the policy or practice changes.

The simulation model allows the client to experiment with complex policy interactions and feel secure that the decisions made today will achieve the desired results in the future. As uncertainties become clearer or as unanticipated events occur, the simulation model can be updated to provide the client with the most current analysis of cost performance.

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