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Our Solution, Phase 3:
Changing Management Practices

The final project phase is to update the client's management practices to help them excel in a reduced resource environment. Our model challenges the client to improve cost performance by reducing the amount of underutilized capacity resources. However, unless some basic management practices change as the resource slack is reduced, the client may not be able to manage comfortably with the reduced resource solution.

While our suggestions depend on the client's present management sophistication, we examine numerous areas including performance measurement, organizational structures, information systems, and integration of decision processes. In the short run, many of these changes can be easily introduced into present management practices. In the long run, more significant changes to allow further improvements in performance can be evaluated.


The delivery of health care services is an extremely complex and dynamic decision process. Therefore, each region or hospital can be expected to have unique factors that influence the cost and quality of health care services. Understanding what is possible in cost and quality performance and how to achieve improved results can provide the client with a significant competitive advantage. However, complex problems require sophisticated tools. HSE is unique in applying sophisticated simulation modeling and optimization tools to re-engineer the relationship between clinical practice and capacity in order to improve performance in the regional delivery of health care services.

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